AUG | 2023
Handmade candle • Natural wax • Recycle brand
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About Project
FWD Group was responsible for creating the logo, brand identity, website, and social media content for a Montenegrin brand specializing in natural candles, "Bez Parafina" (Without Paraffin). What sets this company apart is its commitment to recycling and reusing materials in the candle-making process, particularly in crafting candle holders. Every step of the process is carried out by hand, from collecting used wine bottles to the candle production.

When designing the logo, our goal was to highlight this unique aspect of the brand. We achieved this by using a handcrafted script font for the brand name. We also suggested using upcycled paper for labels, aligning with the brand’s eco-friendly values. In the creation of content, we tapped into neural networks, which allowed us to generate imagery without using natural flowers or plants. All the images were generated by Midjorney and further refined by our designers using Photoshop at the FWD Group agency.

This project showcases our ability to blend eco-conscious design with innovative solutions for content creation, making it an excellent example of our commitment to both creativity and sustainability in graphic design.