DasBad Engineering Excellence Website
Embark on a digital journey with our latest project — a website crafted for an engineering company in the CIS. Beginning with Figma prototypes, we seamlessly translated the vision onto Tilda. The standout feature? A dynamic currency conversion tool! Prices entered by company managers in euros are automatically recalculated based on the Central Bank’s daily exchange rate, displaying in the local currency on the site. Dive into a user-friendly experience with a multi-step product filtration system. Explore innovation with us!
Website Maiden.Travel
Voyage Tracker Website

Embark on a seamless journey with our latest project — a sleek website designed for a travel company. Featuring a minimalist interface, the site showcases a global expedition with a real-time GPS tracker. Friends and family can follow the journey of their loved ones on a world map, keeping them connected to the adventure. Explore the world together, virtually!
Whimsy Wardrobe Website

Dive into a playful online shopping experience with our latest project — a functionally designed website for a children’s clothing store. We’ve curated an extensive blog section to inspire and inform, complemented by an advanced catalog search. Product availability is effortlessly updated in real-time, ensuring a seamless browsing experience. Explore the world of kid’s fashion with ease!